CLOSES at 9:00pm

except Sunday @8:30pm


Yes! We're open:


  After 9 years of business SPIRELS YOGURT DELITES is coming to an end. We are in the process of looking for a buyer to continue our family based    tradition. If no one comes forward, we will then be

closing our doors at the end of March 2020.

It’s been an amazing fun-filled, nerve-wracking experience full of laughter and joy, sharing and caring, anxiety and excitement; an incredible

journey from beginning to (now) end.
The entire community has been supportive of this new business venture into self-serve frozen yogurt.  In 2011, this concept was new and was instantly popular filling all tables and flowing into the outside

benches and curb.  Some customers continued their visit

outside long after our closing time!
Our goal of providing a healthy alternative to the sugary, fat-laden

ice creams and custards has been so successful that many have changed

their habits to include only our lower fat/calorie frozen yogurt. On the other hand, what has attracted most of you is the fun of creating a unique

frozen dessert with your favorite flavors and toppings without

the limits of other places.
We have been most fortunate to have been associated with an amazing array of young people to work with us!  We purposely hired the fresh High School graduates, soon to be college students in the hope that we would

be contributing to the start of new careers. Surprisingly to most

of them, our little shop required a lot of discipline and attention to detail

that is a great beginning to any occupation.
There are many of you reading this that are unaware that our initial purpose in opening Spirels was to provide for our future retirement.

Yes, we are at that age!
We are really hopeful that another family will contact us with a desire

to continue in our footsteps so that Spirels will not close.
Come in and celebrate our 9 years of business and let us say

good bye to each of you individually. 

 Self Serve Frozen Yogurt located on the East side of Randall Road at Gyorr Road, behind the Circle K,

next to the ACE Hardware.

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