Self Serve Frozen Yogurt Elgin frozen yogurt

Yes! We're open:

 Self Serve Frozen Yogurt located on the East side of Randall Road at Gyorr Road, behind the Circle K,

next to the ACE Hardware.




​DAILY 2pm TO 8pm


  After 9 years of business SPIRELS YOGURT DELITES is coming to an end. We are in the process of looking for a buyer to continue our family based tradition.
We have extended our lease for an additional

three months to June 2020.

It’s been an amazing fun-filled, nerve-wracking experience full of laughter and joy, sharing and caring, anxiety and excitement; an incredible

journey from beginning to (now) end.

Our goal of providing a healthy alternative to the sugary, fat-laden

ice creams and custards has been so successful that many have changed

their habits to include only our lower fat/calorie frozen yogurt. On the other hand, what has attracted most of you is the fun of creating a unique

frozen dessert with your favorite flavors and toppings without

the limits of other places.

We are still hopeful that another family will contact us with a desire

to continue in our footsteps so that Spirels will not close.
Come in and celebrate our 9 years of business and let us say

good bye to each of you individually.