Non Fat 100cal/4oz

Non Fat 100Cal/4oz

Low Fat, 120Cal/4oz
~~~Milk & Cookies~~~
Low Fat 120 Cal/4oz


~~~Coconut Lemon Bars~~~
​​Non Fat, 100Cal/4oz
~~~Chocolate Covered Banana~~~
~~~ChaCha Cherry Cake~~ 
Low Fat 120Cal/4oz

FroYo Flavors

To avoid Cross-contact with

​Low Fat,Nonfat & NoSugarAdded frozen yogurt, we do not provide a combination spiral.

 Non Fat, 100Cal/4oz
 Non Fat 90Cal/4oz
Non Fat 100Cal/4oz
FroYo Flavors available as of FEBRUARY 3rd
Non Fat/No Sugar Added, 80cal/4oz

Self Serve Frozen Yogurt Elgin frozen yogurt